Supplements available at the Future Fitness Shop

Shake & Take

Peak Body Whey protein shake n' take is the perfect answer to the conundrum of ensuring quality protein intake on the move. For a high-protein, low-carb convenience meal, shake n' take whey protein is difficult to beat.

Longsdale Protein Drink

Perfect for those on the move, protein shake, delicious flavours, 33g protein per drink, chilled and ready to drink.

Whey Protein

Muscle King's award winning Whey is a great tasting top quality whey powder with an extensive range of amino acids largely made of bcaa's and glutamine. High in branch chain amino acids to promote muscle growth. Low in fats and carbs, tastes great and mixes easily.

Kaffine Kick

One of the most potent pre-workout, thermogenic intensifying drinks ever. A product that will both enhance workout intensity and increase thermogenesis.


The ultimate all in one formula for packing on muscle, strength and power - new super strong formula maximuscle cyclone has become the number one selling formula for increasing lean muscle, strength and power.

PHD Synergy

PHD Synergy Iso-7, an all in one sports supplement. A premium product designed to maximise the various needs of all modern-day athletes. Increase power and assist strength gains, maximise the natural anabolic hormonal production for lean mass gains, assist recovery and repair from a demanding training schedule, provide the necessary energy replenishment for long and short-term requirements, assist with healthy, vitality and sporting longevity confusion.

PHD Pharma Gain

The world of mass gaining products is about to be re-invented in a major way. PHD Pharma-gain is not a run of the mill mass gainer. Gone are the high glycemic sugars and in their place come a complex mix of low-impact carbohydrates, low glycemic fruit sugars. Essential fatty acids, large amounts of dietary fibre and a 7-way protein blend for the ultimate mass gainer. Can be used by every athlete seeking to increase quality body mass.


Isowhey Breezer is a fresh & fruity alternative to traditional milk based protein shakes. Isowhey Breezer not only quenches your thirst & teases your taste buds, it also delivers an unbeatable blast of high biological value protein.

L.A. Fat Strippers

LA MUSCLE Fat stripper is the UK's best selling no-nonsense fat metaboliser. It is so popular with tens of thousands of men & women because it does exactly what it says on the tub. LA MUSCLE Fat Stripper is science-based, safe and strong. If you want to get rid of bodyfat quick with no side effects, then look no further.

Pro 30 Protein Bars

Pro Bar 30 is a great treat for those seeking a delicious tasting meal replacement to compliment their training and fitness goals. They are the perfect supplement for athletes and active individuals.